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The stars aren't out tonight..

+ Name. Heather
+ Age. 14
+ Location. Rio Rancho, NM (I just moved from NY)
+ Gender. Femme
+ Sexual preference. Straight.
+ Eight favourite bands. Rufio, Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu, My Chemical Romance, Poison The Well, Jack Off Jill, Coheed and Cambria, Stabbing Westward
+ Four favourite movies. lord of the rings (two towers), gingersnaps, girl interrupted, the matrix (the first one)
+ Favourite book(s). The "Dark Angels" series by Fracisca Lea Block.
+ Your opinion on Adolf Hitler. He was wrong in what he did, but I admire his quick gain of power.
+ One random fact about yourself. I am obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution during the summer.
+ Drug of choice. Heroine.
+ Favourite use for duct tape. Clothing or bracelets.
+ Meaning behind your username. It's part of a song I heard on the radio "This is an attempt to stand.." And I forgot who sang it. =(
+ Favourite cereal. Coco Puffs.
+ What do you think of Sesame Street? It's irksome. My siblings watch it entirely too often.
+ Number of rating communities you've been rejected from. None.
+ Number of rating communities you've been accepted in. None.
+ Why did you decide to apply? Because the "HOLY JESUS, BLACK DUCT TAPE!" caught my attention and I thought I'd take a stab at getting in.
+ Why should we let you in? Because I'll love you unconditionally if you do..and I have good grammar. ;]
+ Post 4 or more pictures of yourself.

(this was me in new york before i moved)
('m on a swing. and it's shady. sorry for the change in color in the picture.)

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