Kryss (moonlightwaltz) wrote in black_duct_tape,

+ Name. Kryss
+ Age. 15
+ Location. Phoenix, Arizona
+ Gender. Female
+ Sexual preference. I like the boys
+ Eight favourite bands.
At The Gates
Opus Dai
 Ebony Tears
Amon Amarth
+ Four favourite movies.
He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
What Dreams May Come
The Crow
Kill Bill
Empire Records
+ Favourite book(s).
What Happened To Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Ariel by Sylvia Plath
+ Your opinion on Adolf Hitler. I think that he's really dead right now... I want to read that book he wrote. It'd be interesting because supposedly he was a freaking genious who just happened to be evil.
+ One random fact about yourself. I can touch my tongue to my nose...

((Excuse the un-flattering-ness))
+ Drug of choice. LSD. I haven't actually tried it but it sounds like the most fun out of all of them.
+ Favourite use for duct tape. Jewelry! I also just like to put strips of it on random objects like my mouth, my teeshirts and my dog.
+ Meaning behind your username. I wanted "moonlight sonata" but it was already taken, so I just put another random word after 'moonlight.'
+ Favourite cereal. Cinnamon Life
+ What do you think of Sesame Street? I think Elmo should never have become a rockstar. Gangster rap might be more his thing. If I were to ever have kids I don't think I'd let them waste their minds on Sesame Street... I'd start them out the right way with Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
+ Number of rating communities you've been rejected from. I don't know, it's not like I keep track
+ Number of rating communities you've been accepted in. I don't keep track of these either
+ Why did you decide to apply? I have a lot of happy bouncy energy because the guitar player of Vehemence gave me his number and told me he'd guest-list me for their show next week when I call him. Eeeee!
+ Why should we let you in?  I will bake you all muffins!
+ Post 4 or more pictures of yourself.

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i feel like being nice.
Haha does that mean you actually hate me?
no, its just my thumb might be broken, so i'm in pain and shit, and i'm in a really bitchy mood, and there was nothing about you that really annoyed be so instead of being a bitch and just syaing "no" for no obvious reason, i decided to be nice.

life cinnoman gives me orgasms. so does your pretty skirt in the last picture! where is it from?

yes, btw :]
While I don't want to be ass-like and say "no" without a decent reason, I also couldn't find anything to validate giving you a yes. In order to win my vote, you must tell me a true story so funny, I will wet myself (tears or urine, either count). If I find myself wet after your story, you will get another yes to add to your tally.
So, I was walking with my friend at a carnival. All the sudden she goes "Look!" And so I turn to look at her and her arm flies out and hits me in the face. I lost my balance and fell into a port-a-potty, which then fell over.

I heard screaming coming from inside the giant blue box.

So I ran.
That'll do quite nicely... You get a Yes now. Congratulations.
Although, you actually listed 5 movies instead of four and Kill Bill was one of them, you listed the Crow. Plus, you're really cute and you are always nice to me.
Haha I didn't even realize the question said four...
I say yes as well. I like your spontaneity.

you definitely get a no because of your band selection I bet you did a random search and just wrote down band names that came up...
What the fuck is your problem? Why would I do a random search on bands? I think I can choose my own music and tell people what bands I like without recieving immature comments like the one you just left. If my band selection sucks, then please, enlighten me as to why you would say something like that or don't even bother making the comment.