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An Application to Cut For...

+ Name|Matt
+ Age|18
+ Location|Kent/Youngstown, OH.
+ Gender|Male
+ Sexual preference|Straight
+ Eight favourite bands|glassJAw,Thrice,Thursday,Damien Rice, Streetlight Manitfesto,A Fire Inside,Alkaline Trio,Taking Back Sunday, etc.
+ Four favourite movies|Boondock Saints,Donnie Darko,Old School,A Clockwork Orange(book was better though).
+ One random fact about yourself| are like sex to are piercings...and girls with piercings who play guitars.
+ Favourite book(s)|One has to be The Perks of being a Wallflower, two, being The Wizard of Earthsea by ursula k. Leguinn ( yeah, i know its fantasy, and im lame...but i used to read it when i was a little emo kiddie, and i liked it alot.)
+ Your opinion on Adolf Hitler|Awesome leader/political giant...horrible war amazing man, given the opportunity few are; to change the world...its a pity he chose to change it in the manner he did.

+ Drug of choice|None.
+ Favourite use for duct tape|words on amps, or fixing up the chuckie t's
+ Meaning behind your username|i used to like dashboard, lol, and as we all know, This Ruined Puzzle is one of their songs...sorry kids,lol.
+ Favourite cereal| i gotta have my Pops.
+ What do you think of Sesame Street?| i still have my three foot tall plush cookie monster, and big bird...they are perched up in my closet, and kept dust and dirt free religiously to this was my fav show as a kid, cept for maybe fraggle rock, or TMNT.rock!
+ Number of rating communities you've been rejected from|Zero
+ Number of rating communities you've been accepted in|One...This one, actually, once before.
+ How'd you find this community|best friends with the mod, and others involved
+Why you decided to apply|i wanted to see if i could get back in, after i left, to be honest.
+ Why should we let you in|Cuz you just know you want to...and i was accepted once already...but i quit, lol.

+ Post 4 or more pictures of yourself| here you go kids... Knock yourselves out...

this ones newer...i look cracked out.

last summer...mmmm, bandness, tasty.

....tastier, let me tell you...or not.

..and finally...this one...i thought i looked compromisingly weird, so i figured i show everyone.

yeah, so theyre huge...big whoop. later kiddos.
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