Ruby (katsup23) wrote in black_duct_tape,


+ Name. Ruby
+ Age. 14
+ Location. Southern Cali
+ Gender. Female
+ Sexual preference. I'm a kitchen door, I swing both ways.
+ Eight favourite bands. Garbage, The Smiths, Aqua (fuck yeah, imported techno), Maddonna, Bad Religion, Interpol (Their old shit), Air, Something Corporate (Leaving Through the Window, because way deep down I'm an emo bitch).
+ Four favourite movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Best of the Best, Coyote Ugly (Cause Tyra's gorgeous), and Some Like it Hot
+ Favourite book(s). White Oleander by Janet Fitch (the movie completely butchered the book), Shade's Children by Garth Nix (If you view it as a metaphor of the meatpacking industry), Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser (Every vegetarian's bible)
+ Your opinion on Adolf Hitler. I think it's kind of amazing that he tricked so many countries into turning against their own people. It makes you wonder about who you can trust, and when you're really safe.
+ One random fact about yourself. I'm a vegetarian. And I hate brussel sprouts.
+ Drug of choice. Caffeine, it's all that I can afford right now. (Yes I stole that from a movie, no I can't remember which one)
+ Favourite use for duct tape. I made a pair of four inch stilettos once....

+ Meaning behind your username. I've had katsup23 as a screen name for about six years... I used to have this tiny obsession with ketchup, and my dad always pronounced it like cat-sup because of his East Coast accent. I stuck the 23 on because it's my birthday, February third.
+ Favourite cereal. Complete.
+ What do you think of Sesame Street? I used to loooove Sesame Street, but a couple of years ago I was babysitting and the kid wanted to watch it... if you aren't looking at the screen it sounds alot like bad porn :P
+ Number of rating communities you've been rejected from. Too many to count
+ Number of rating communities you've been accepted in. I think three.
+ Why did you decide to apply? I was bored, and did an interest search on duct tape, and this community popped up. A ratings comm involving duct tape? Hell yeah, I'm in!
+ Why should we let you in? Because I'm a cam whore, and I'm obsessed with duct tape, and even more obsessed with LJ.
+ Post 4 or more pictures of yourself. Let me know if you want any of these resized.
This is my lame ass Magenta costume, the pics from September (my skin's cleared up tons, promise).

My hair in its natural, untamed state.

I know, my finger's crooked :P

Ya, the lighting sucks.

It's a body shot. Cause I can.

EDIT:: I'm not being pushy, and I realize that this is pretty much a dead community, but am I gonna get stamped sometime soon?
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